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Purple Butterfly Foundation
501c(3) Foundation Supporting 
Bluevine Hospice Cause
Purple Butterfly Foundation
Giving Back to the Community
The Purple Butterfly Foundation is a charitable organization that was established in order to offer financial assistance to hospice patients by covering the costs of medical supplies and services that are not paid for by insurance. Bluevine Hospice is affiliated with the Purple Butterfly Foundation, and thanks to the generous donations made to the latter Bluevine Hospice is able to broaden the range of services it provides to patients and families in need. These services include medication supply, physical therapy, specialized equipment, emotional support, and even meals.
You can help Bluevine Hospice in a lot of different ways. When people are at their weakest, your gifts give them dignity and comfort. Help us make sure that people who need it most can get personalized, caring, pain-free end-of-life service and grief support for their family members.
Thank you for helping us do some good. Remember that your gifts are tax deductable as our Purple Butterfly Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.
To Partner With Us, Call (281) 751-8333
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