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Our Programs
Service Overview
With an understanding that every single moment is precious, our mission is to extend love and peace of mind when healing may not be possible, providing comfort for both those living with a terminal illness as well as their beloved families during all stages along the path ahead.

At Bluevine Hospice, we specialize in compassionate care for patients of all ages as they go through hospice. Our interdisciplinary team provides personalized service and support tailored to each patient's needs, from physician orders and plan-of-care review to registered nursing visits with certified nurse aides providing assistance with daily living activities. We also have medical social workers, spiritual counselors, and trained volunteers available for additional support and. Our experienced medical directors work closely together with your primary doctor to enssure you'll always get a comprehensive care plan that is regularly updated according to any changes along the way.

Volunteering Group
Volunteer Program

Offering compassion and solace during a patient's most difficult times is a remarkable act of kindness that can make a significant impact. At Bluevine, we recognize the value of our volunteers and provide them with extensive training to ensure their comfort when working with patients and families in need of extra care.


Not only does volunteering provide invaluable rewards that bring hope in times of need, but you have the chance to be part of something truly special - a compassionate team for those who require extra support on their journey.


It's undeniable that the compassionate work and services our team provides to patients and families are immeasurably important. To learn more about how you can support people in need, head to our volunteer page.

We Honor Veterans: Heros Program

We recognize the great debt of gratitude that our nation owes to those brave individuals who have served in defense of freedom. We are proud and thankful for the opportunity to provide exceptional care through our Veterans Program, creating a personalized experience tailored specifically to their care needs.


Our amazing volunteer team, made up of current and former service members, family dependents, and civilians alike, come together to show their appreciation for the brave men and women who have courageously protected our nation. Thanks to this inspiring group's combined expertise and commitment, we are able to provide veterans in their twilight years with care that honors them like the heroes they are.


We strive to show our appreciation and gratitude for the exemplary service of veterans by providing special recognition ceremonies. We thank them with a personalized certificate, lapel pin, flag, and veteran bear that honor their bravery and commitment.

Homemaker Program

For those tasked with the enormous responsibility of caring for a terminally ill individual, life can be overwhelming. Bluevine Hospice provides an invaluable resource - a temporary respite from everyday duties such as housekeeping and errand-running so that caregivers may focus on what matters most: being there for their loved ones during this challenging time.


Our Homemaker Program provides a helping hand to those who could use some extra support with their day-to-day needs. Whether it’s providing personal care, companionship, and conversation, meal preparation, or light cleaning duties - we understand the importance of having someone around for that extra bit of assistance. With homemakers available up to 3 hours per day upon request, they can even run errands such as picking up groceries and mail – not forgetting about tending to any pets!


Each Homemaker is a compassionate and knowledgeable professional, specially trained in the art of hospice care. They extend a helping hand to personal caregivers while providing an extra layer of support for individuals who need it most.

Grief & Bereavement Support System

When tragedy strikes, it can often feel like our world has been turned upside down. Grief is a deeply personal experience that looks different for everyone - and Bluevine Hospice is here to help make the journey easier with our Bereavement Support Program.


This service enables those grieving to find solace through thoughtfully crafted counseling sessions, workshops, and educational presentations. Professionally trained counselors understand the emotional struggles that come with loss and are here to provide guidance.


At Bluevine Hospice, we are dedicated to empowering individuals, families, churches, schools, and workplaces by providing life-changing support at no cost. Our resources offer hope and healing for those struggling with difficult times as they journey toward peace.

Student internships

The Student Internship Program offers student nurses a unique opportunity to hone their skills and gain invaluable insight into the world of hospice care. During this immersive experience, interns develop close relationships with patient-care teams while benefiting from mentorship opportunities that guarantee them a smooth transition from student nurse to registered nurse status upon completion.

Are you eligible?

To enroll in this program, you must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a nursing program

  • Have two semesters of clinical experience

  • A GPA of at least 3.0

  • Be able to demonstrate proficiency in essential patient care techniques


Please note: you will no longer be eligible to apply 6 months after graduation.

Social program

Our Social Program offers an array of interactive activities tailored specifically to participants' interests. From crafting and card games to conversations over coffee, this safe space provides the perfect opportunity for individuals with illness-related restrictions to socialize in meaningful ways each week.


In addition to offering a variety of engaging activities, our Social Program creates an inviting space for isolated seniors to come together, share stories and experiences, and form meaningful connections – all while enjoying a variety of fun activities. Perfectly tailored for those residing in assisted living facilities or nursing homes (or even private care!), this program helps give your elderly loved ones the support they need during difficult times amidst lots of laughter and entertainment!


Through the Social Program, caregivers get a chance to catch their breath while those in their care have an opportunity for meaningful socialization. From savoring lunch together and exchanging stories to enjoying fresh air with outdoor activities like strolling around the grounds or having a picnic – there's something sure to bring joy during every visit.

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Art therapy

Art therapy provides a unique, creative outlet for individuals of any age to explore and express their feelings. Guided by experienced professionals, it offers an opportunity not only to reduce stress, frustration, or depression but also to unlock powerful emotions that lead to holistic healing across the mind, body, and spirit.


Our Art Therapy Program acts as a bridge, connecting people and allowing them to express their feelings of grief in creative ways. From stress relief to communication insights, this program gives loved ones the opportunity to connect through mutual understanding while reflecting upon cherished memories.


Families and children are invited to welcoming partner facilities and care homes each month, providing a chance for old memories to be treasured while making new ones. Together they can create special keepsakes such as memory books, albums, or boxes that will last long after the session is over - an enjoyable way to make meaningful connections through therapeutic artistry!

Pet program

Our furry friends have a remarkable ability to bring joy into the lives of others. Their pure, unconditional love has been proven to be one of life's greatest healers - reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure, and providing relief from emotional and mental suffering. Whether at home or in care facilities, volunteer pets spread positive vibes wherever they go, bringing smiles, laughter, and peace of mind for everyone around them!


Pets are more than just animals to their owners - they're family members that offer a unique kind of unconditional love and comfort. Unfortunately, illnesses can make taking care of them difficult both physically and financially. That's why here at Bluevine Hospice, we strive to give the best possible experience, to those in our care by ensuring that the cherished intercations they crave from our furry friends continues to be their reality. 


Thanks to generous donations, we can ensure that hospice patients and their beloved pets stay together. From supplying pet food, grooming supplies, and even bathing - our dedicated team is working hard every day to keep these special bonds intact!

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