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Pastoral Care
At Bluevine Hospice, caring for both the physical and spiritual needs of patients is a top priority. Our Spiritual Care team consists of ordained ministers from different denominations, putting patients’ individual spirituality first, no matter their faith. From providing pastoral care in routine or emergency situations to helping families with funeral arrangements and memorial services, we make sure our support continues throughout a patient’s entire journey at the hospice.
Bluevine Hospice
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About Our Chaplains
Our Chaplains are here to provide a comforting and supportive presence when you need it most. They'll lend their support through prayer, scripture readings, or just being present with you as needed. And if there's something more formal required - from religious sacraments to arranging funeral services - they'd be glad to help out too!
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Pastoral Care
Our pastoral care program provides a special kind of spiritual support. We want to let people lean on their religious faith or other beliefs as they manage illness and loss. Our chaplains visit homes and assisted living facilities, so anyone craving that extra bit of comfort can get it - whether it's through prayer, scripture-sharing, listening sessions, or connecting with the community minister who fits them best.
Professional Consultation
We have a team of chaplains ready to provide spiritual support for our care proffesionals. Our doctors, nurses, and other care professionals work with our chaplains when seeking help on matters such as pastoral guidance or confidential advice. We understand that the burden can very well weigh heavily on proffesional care providers. Here at Bluevine Hospice, you can rest assured that we've got you covered.
We offer a unique opportunity to learn more about pastoral care - giving local clergy, hospital staff, and others an invaluable chance to grow.
Counseling for terminal illness

Loss is a difficult part of life that we must all face eventually. Whether it's coming to terms with our own mortality or processing the death of someone close, grief can be an overwhelmingly complex emotion.

Our compassionate team is here to provide comfort and support during these difficult times. Whether grieving the passing of a loved one or dealing with a life-limiting illness, our skilled chaplains and social workers offer understanding counseling services for patients, family members - anyone affected by loss.

What is counseling?
Counseling provides an opportunity to talk openly and honestly with someone who won't judge or criticize. It's like having your own personal sanctum, where you're able to freely express yourself, examine any worries that might be on your mind, and process those tricky emotions in a safe environment.
How long do counseling sessions last?
Consistency is key in our counseling sessions, which typically occur at the same time each week and last between 30-50 minutes. This routine can be especially helpful for individuals coping with anxiety or depression, as it establishes a sense of structure and predictability. Moreover, these regular sessions allow you to establish a strong rapport with your counselor, fostering collaboration toward achieving your goals.
Life sometimes throws us curve balls, and we get it! If you need to cancel or rebook your appointment, please let us know in advance so that our team can reshuffle the schedule and update your appointment accordingly.
We understand the power of support systems. That's why – free of charge! - we offer resources and assistance to families or loved ones connected with a client undergoing therapy.
Answering your questions

Experiencing a life-limiting illness can bring up difficult, confusing questions and feelings. Thankfully pastoral care is here to help families navigate the emotional struggles they may face. Questions such as "Why me?" or "How do I find spiritual peace?" or even more complex ones like understanding successes and failures in your life, and discovering a sense of regret resolution, all while saying goodbye to those you love - these are hard issues that pastoral care helps confront head-on with compassionate support.

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