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Bluevine Hospice is part of
Bluevine Healthcare

Where We Offer Innovative Continuum of Care Options
Patients First
We provide our patients with individualized care plans and support based on their diagnosis. Our hospice care helps patients control pain and manage disease-specific symptoms.
Family Support
We provide families with tailored support based on family dynamics. We cover every aspect from grief and bereavement to therapy, emotional and pastorial support. 
Our Believe
We firmly believe that everyone facing a life-limiting illness deserves to receive high-quality hospice care. It’s our honor and privilege to provide you and your family with this care
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Welcome to Bluevine Hospice
At Bluevine Hospice, we firmly believe that everyone deserves to be treated with compassion, dignity and respect. We believe that everyone deserves reliable care delivered with excellence and that education is the best way to demystify Hospice Care. Our interdisciplinary care team made up of experienced professionals and volunteers work together to maximize the quality of life for those in our care who are dealing with life limiting illnesses while bringing relief to their caregivers and support to their family members. Our care team’s daily work is closely guided by our fundamental values of Compassion, Excellence, Reliability, and Education.

We are compassionate people who are on a mission to extend love and peace of mind.
We are Confident, Caring, Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Empathetic. We are Innovative and Creative in our pursuit. We offer Informed Guidance to our patients, their families and each other. We are Thought Leaders in our industry. 

We are dedicated to helping our patients and their families make the most of the time they have left together.

"Helping people is at the heart of everything we do."
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100+ Years of Combined
Hospice Experience
Experienced Care Team

With over 100+ years of combined hospice experience, our dedicated interdisciplinary care team made up of experienced professionals and volunteers work together to maximize the quality of life for those in our care while bringing relife to their caregivers and support to their faimly members.
Our Approach
Through an all-encompassing approach, we strive to provide members of our community with holistic care. Every aspect from physical needs to spiritual and emotional well-being is addressed.
Our Work
Our professional assessment guidelines allow us to quickly understand how best to manage symptoms while continually checking comfort levels so we can provide medication at just the right times.
Our Partners
Partnered with our sister organization, the non-profit "Purple Butterfly Project" , we are able to provide additional services, programs and resources. Our gaol is to ensure that we can serve the un-insured.
More About Bluevine Hospice
What We Do
The Bluevine Hospice care team helps patients and their families face the emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological demands of dealing with life-limiting illnesses. We provide our patients with individualized care plans based on their diagnosis and their families with tailored support based on family dynamics. When it comes to hospice care, we don't believe that one-size -fits-all. Every patient is different; every faimly has it's own unique dynamics. We take all this into considration as we work with patients and their family members.
We are committed to bringing hospice education to the communities we serve and we have partnered industry other experts to make this a reality.

Our non-profit organization, the Purple Butterfly Project helps work to raise funds that go towards covering the cost of hospice services not covered by insurance. It's efforts allows us to take on charity hospice cases. We will continue to push in the direction of ensuring that no one goes without hospice care when they need it because they can't afford it.
Some Of Our Services
Bluevine Hospice Provides Care, Love and Comfort When it Matters The Most
Our purpose is to provide comfort for individuals who are dealing with a terminal illness and support to their unique families at all phases along the journey that lies ahead. With the knowledge that each and every moment spent together is priceless, we have made it our mission to extend love and peace of mind to situations in which healing may not be possible.

Physician Services

Nursing Services

Pain Management

Social Worke Services

Grief Support

Spiritual Service

Medication Supply

Equipment Supply






Our fundamental values 
Our fundamental values of Compassion, Reliability, Partnership and Education are our anchors. Like true North-Stars, they glow brightly throughout Bluevine to guide us as we work daily to extend love and peace of mind to everyone we serve.
Why Choose Bluevine Hospice?

24/7 Access To Care 

Our Telecare Service ensures direct line to medical advice, support and hands-on-care.

High Quality Care

We use evidence-based, clinical practices to ensure our patients receive high-quality care.
Services  are billed directly to Medicare or insurance company. You pay nothing out of pocket.

Personalized Care Plans

Personalized care plans for patients based on diagnosis with emphasis on comfort-focused, end-of-life care.
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Support For Families and Caregivers

Tailored support for families bases on  familiy dynamics and for caregives based on need. One size does not fit all.
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Leveraging our Ai enhanced system, we use live data feeds and evidence-based protocols to improve care coordination.
At Bluevine Hospice, patients are cared for by an interdisciplinary team that includes a physician, nurse, social worker, aide, and chaplain. Other specialists, ranging from a trained volunteer, animal therapist to a music therapist may collaborate with the team to meet the patient's and their family's emotional and spiritual needs. To guarantee comfort, dignity, and quality of life, our professionals create individualized care plans based on the patient's condition and their family's unique dynamics.
To Reach Our Telecare Service
Call (833) 300-BVHC (2842)
We care about your privacy.
6464 Savoy Dr. Suite 850
Houston, TX 77036
24/7 Access To Care -- 24/7 Telecare Services
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